Spotting Romance Scammers

BE ATTENTION that you may be suffering a romance scam if someone on the dating websites asked for financial assistance to help him/her out of a difficulty! Based on a report from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), there are more than 5,663 victims who lost money around $50,399,563.16 in 2011, 63.22% of them are online daters age from 40-60 and approximately 68 percent of the loss from the 50+ group, so older singles are more like to believe narratives used by the romance scammers. Romance scam statistics of 2011 as follows:

Romance Scam Statistics 2011

Top 10 Ways to Spot a Romance Scammer

Romance scammers are on dating websites, always create a profile with fake beautiful pictures and use narratives to ask for money from the victims. Our top 10 ways will help you to spot the romance scammers on the STD/herpes dating sites easily.

#1 Good Looking

Picture is a good way to know the person is a serious dater or scammer. Spending few minutes to view the profile pictures carefully, most scammers’ photos have some common features:

  • 1. Picture looks like to be professionally taken;
  • 2. Too beautiful/handsome to believe;
  • 3. “Abnormal” poses or expressions.

Typical Pictures of a Scammer:

Typical Pictures of Scammer

#2 Engineer and Model

Be caution when your match at the online dating websites is an engineer or a model. In usual, the engineers have a high income, and the models are good looking. Scammers always fake themselves as engineer/model so that they can be more attractive to other people. In this way, they can make a connection with the victims quickly.

#3 Poor English

Online scammers usually come from the countries whose first language is not English, so he/she is more likely to be a scammer if there are some grammar and spelling mistakes in the profile or emails. Be more careful if you find that he/she uses “i” instead of “I”, since it is a common mistake that the scammers have made.

#4 Profile Pictures

Some scammers can be easily spotted by the profile photo at the first sight, since they always use pictures of models, porn stars, soldiers and more. However, other wiser scammers fake themselves by using normal photos to make their profiles more real. In this case, we can search the photos and get results from Google, there are two results that we can confirm they’re definitely scammers:

  • Results show the photos owned by another people;
  • It is a scam profile confirmed by websites like ScamWarners, RomanceScam, ScamDigger and more.

Typical Results of Scammer:

Typical Results of Scammer

How to Use Google to Search by an Exist Photo?

1. Go to, and click the icon of camera;

Search by Image

2. Past the image url or upload the image to search by photo on Google.

Choose an Image

#5 High Income

I’m not telling you that all the millionaires on the dating websites are scammers, but if he/she has mostly features of a scammer and with a high income at the same time, please stay away from him/her to protect yourself!

#6 Ask for Money

It would be a romance scam no matter what kind of reasons she/he may has to ask for money from you. Think twice before you send dollars to him/her and ask yourself “Why should I send the money?”

#7 Profile Description

As many scammers are not good at English and busy “making” money, so they always use the same/similar profile description. It’s easy for us to spot a scammer by search his/her profile description on Google search as follows:

Search Profile Description

#8 Search Phone Number on WhitePages

Got a phone number form him/her? Search it on, and you will know whether the phone location matches the profile location or not.

#9 Emails

Feeling like that the email you received is suspect? Try Google search, you will know whether it is sent by scammer or not.

#10 No preference for Type of STDs or Distance

Many STD dating websites, like Positive Singles, will quest users to choose the type of STDs they are living with. To be a serious dater, people will choose the type of STDs they have as it is very important for a positive single. However, the scammers are so busy scamming from other people that they always forget to complete some important information like “type of STDs” or “distance between matches”.

This post mainly target on how to spot the romance scam by the information from a dating profile, there are also more articles for you to keep yourself from the online dating scammers in some other ways:

8 thoughts to “Spotting Romance Scammers”

  1. i have be involved with this person for about 7 months ,she is a model in american into swimm clothing ,she or it has 7 sites on instagram and she makes about $1.2 m peryear and she has ask me to be her husband and i have been sending her money so she can anther contact is she a scammer ? samantha hoopes ?

    1. Why in the world would you send money to someone with a million dollar income?? If you have a need of helping, there are numerous well intended organizations, from the Red Cross, to PETA… smh

  2. I have learned a lot about reading this blog. But I have some questions. How do I understand that the person who is communicating with me is real or fake? Maybe the girl is real. But how can I understand that the girl is real? I have some more questions. Where from the pictures of a girl that a scammer uses? Who is the scammer here? The girl whose photo has sent me is a scammer? Or is anyone else scammer? Who uploads scammer’s profile and email on the dating scam, rommance scam site? Please help me by answering my questions.

    1. hi

      I’m not sure If this post is a joke , but of course it’s a scam , if it’s to good to be true its a scam.
      I have had alot of experience with scammers that use dating sites , and use various other apps and sites , some easier to spot then others , be cautious all the time , never send money to anyone ever unless you know them . and definitely don’t believe what they say even if it’s convincing with pictures , what you have to remember there English will be awful , they will what you to finish there sentences , they will agree with you constantly , and they will say what they can to win you over.

    2. To mash i read your post here. If you really want to know if that girl is not fake you should call her through video call. Hope that will help you. I’ve been incounter alot of scammer most of them are not good in english and mostly they were asking for money for help.

  3. This person lives in Lynwood California. He said he had a friend to money gram me300.dollars and wanted me to pick it up and get him a 25 dollars ITunes card and me keep 15 and send the rest to Nigeria. Is this money laundering? I didn’t do it to scare too

  4. My wife has been sending this guy money, phones to Egypt, port said. I read the messages he gives her sad stories about how he can work bad hand because of motorcycle crash, his mother is sick etc. I tell her it’s a scam but she is falling for him. What to do


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