Profile Photo Tips

TipsIt is quite simple to post a profile picture on the herpes dating websites. You may upload your photograph directly from the computer by visiting your account in the homepage, also, it`s available for you to update your profile photo by sending the photos via email to the customer service of the dating site, they will upload your profile photo within few days.

A photograph speaks volumes about an individual’s personality.

To create a good first impression on an online dating website, it is important to put a good photograph as your profile picture. Here are the top 15 tips to put a perfect profile.

#1 Right Formats

The uploaded photo should only be in the JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, or TIFF formats. Other photo formats are unacceptable by the herpes online dating website. Illustrations, caricatures, drawings, copyrighted or porn photos will be disqualified by the dating site.

#2 Right Size

The size of the profile photo on the online herpes dating website should not exceed 5 megapixels. You need to resize a normal picture; either clicked using a handy cam or a webcam, and upload a photo that is less than 5 megapixels.

#3 Recent Photographs

You should always use recent photographs, preferably within last 6 months. Ensure the photo is personal and take up-close, and take a perfect headshot or the photo should focus on your face, shoulders and head. An appropriate and attractive photo is one, which shows the frontal face.

#4 Present Yourself in the Natural Way

Your profile photo should give an impression about your daily life and the natural look. The photo should be taken without excessive make-up or in a fashionable dress. Just present yourself in the natural way.

#5 Smile

A smiling face attracts the attention of several members on the online herpes dating websites. You profile picture must always include a photo in which you are smiling.

#6 Ensure the Size is Small

When you resize the photo, remember to crop the white space present around your photograph. Otherwise, the size of the photo will increase, and other members will not be able to open a larger photo quickly.

#7 Avoid Obscured Photos

Obscured photos do not help create a good first impression on the viewer. You should not put a profile photo in which you are wearing sunglasses, accessories, distracting headgear, hat, or a loud scarf.

#8 Avoid Blurry or Dark Photos

Blurry or dark photos are disappointed for the viewer who is seeing your profile on the online herpes dating websites. Avoid putting blurred or dark photographs as your profile picture, since it does reflect your personality. Instead, it indicates that you are not bothered about how other people would interpret your profile photo.

#9 Avoid Technological Photos

Technological advances have enhanced the photography skills too. Use of laser photography or scientific red-eye effect on your profile picture does not help in creating a good first impression. Instead, it puts off the viewers and does not attract anybody’s attention.

#10 A Good Backdrop

A profile photo should have a good backdrop to accentuate it. Simple backdrops such as a white wall, or a plain and single colored curtain, that complements your skin tone, is an appropriate backdrop for your profile picture on the herpes online dating website.

#11 Avoid Big Patterns

A profile photo of an online herpes dating website is very small. Hence, you should not distract the online members by wearing big patterns in your profile photo.

It is truly said,

A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.

Therefore, along with the useful photo tips mentioned, some photographs should be avoided, as it can create a wrong impression about your personality.

1. Do not upload photos in haste.
2. Do not expose (showing skin) excessively, as these photos will be rejected by the herpes dating sites.
3. Do must not crop people in a group photo and put it as a profile picture. Instead, you should click a selfie or upload a picture of yourself.
4. Do not upload photos of you being hugged, cuddled or kissed by the opposite sex. The viewer does not approve of such photographs.

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How to Date with Herpes

Dating with Herpes

Herpes refers to a viral infection where a person is affected by either type 1 or type 2 Herpes Simplex Viruses. The type 1 virus, known as HSV-1, causes fever blisters and cold sores inside and around the mouth. The type 2 herpes virus results in genital herpes, which is a disease transmitted through a sexual intercourse. Sores around the genital region denote the occurrence of genital herpes. Both types of herpes viruses can cause systematic diseases such as brain infection (encephalitis).

There are many herpes dating websites on the Internet, and the sites for dating with herpes differ from the usual dating websites. Even some people are unfortunate to be suffering from Herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS or any other disease through sexual transmission (STD), they have a right to be loved and find a suitable life partner for themselves. Through the online herpes dating sites, a person is able to find companionship, friendship, love and communal support. In this post, we tell you how the Internet can be useful for the herpes singles to date online, as they will meet people with similar characteristics without any fear of discrimination or stigma.

Step 1: Overview of the Online Site

Visit the homepage; you will see the options of quick search, special services, website description and other features listed on the website. You will also get customer reviews that will be helpful to decide the best herpes dating website.Read customer reviews of the top 10 herpes dating sites and buying guide on how to choose the best herpes dating website on Currently, Positive Singles is the best website so far.

Step 2:Create an Account on the Herpes Dating Site

You may create a personal account on the herpes dating site by selecting the option “Join for Free”. Fill your basic information such as location, gender, age and partner preference. You may add photographs to enhance the search for your true love. If you are concerned about the privacy of your account, you may alter the account settings to make photos visible later. You must remember to fill the accurate information and create an honest profile to make your search better. Post-registration, you can sign into the website whenever you wish.

Step 3: Search for Your Partner

Once your online profile is active, you can begin the search for your true companion. Beginners can employ the feature of quick search that includes basic information such as location, age, photo and gender. For experienced users, the feature of advanced search is quite helpful. The members can conduct a partner search based on the family background, state, zip code, province or city.

Step 4: Interact with Members

Once you have shortlisted the profiles of few members, you have several options to interact with them:
a) You may send emails, winks or add them to favorites.
b) Private chat or group chats with members in an online chat room.
c) Share a blog post or create a social forum to discuss on varied topics. You may also comment on the topics posted by other members. In this way, you will know about the thoughts and opinions of others.
d) Check search results’ history to view a profile you like. You can view details about people who have visited your profile, those who add your profile as favorite or those who sends you winks.

Step 5: Upgraded Membership to Access Special Features

Most online dating sites have two membership types, standard and gold. A standard member can access the partial services of the website, while those who upgrade their membership to gold membership can access all the special features of the online dating site. You can enhance the membership by making a payment through credit card or debit card or checks. Other forms of payment are Paypal or money order.

With the 5 steps, it`s easy for you to star dating with herpes on the Internet. Following two points will help you to make full use of the online herpes dating website for seeking love and support.

Privacy Protection

You can secure the account’s privacy by answering few basic security questions from the drop-down menu. If you wish to adjust privacy settings for your profile and pictures, you may visit the privacy page and change the required settings.

You have several options like “hide from others”, “hide from standard members”, and many other such options to protect the profile privacy. Photo privacy includes the options of “hide from others except favorites”, “hide from members without photos”, and many others.

Customer Service

These online dating sites feature Live Support, to provide immediate assistance to users facing problems navigating the site. The option is located at the left side of the navigation bar. The websites also have a dating advisor to provide real-time assistance regarding dating tips along with other queries related to herpes.

Happy dating and good luck for you! :)

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Dating Profile Tips

Dating Profile Tips

Dating profile is the first and most important thing for you to start the internet dating. An attractive dating profile can help you to enhance the rate of success in finding a date on the web; on the contrary, you are more likely to get little (even no) responses from other singles with a not proper dating profile. With our guidelines of creating an attractive personal ad, your dating profile will surely stand out of the crowd.

#1 Be Patient

Many online daters choose to place a dating profile within two minutes, and just fill in personals information such as email address, gender, age and username, it seems that they are not serious for seeking a partner online. There are so many questions on the dating websites for you to opt for answering, but be patient to answer all the questions when writing your profile, since the dating services are able to send you matches by the details.

#2 Complete Your Profile

Do not leave them as blank or just type in “I`ll fill this later” at “About me” and “About my Matches/What am I Looking for”, as the more you write down there, people who are viewing your profile can know more about you.

#3 Write an Unique and Interesting Headline

Many herpes dating sites allow you to write a profile headline which will usually appear at the top of your profile and in search results. It is the second most important aspect of your online dating profile, after your picture. A good profile headline, which can catch other singles` eyes , is going to help you to get more attentions and profile views. Keep this in mind, stay away from normal headline like “Hi There” and spend few minutes to compose an unique, interesting and attention-grabbing headline.

#4 Be Positive

Be positive instead of negative even you are newly diagnosed, people are more likely to make friends or start a conversation with positive and funny guys. Herpes is not the end of your dating life, and there are thousands of singles on the dating websites looking for partner. Also, avoid appealing sentence like “This is my last…” in your profile.

#5 Who You Are

Tell people more about yourself, such as what you like and dislike, your story, hobbies and what makes you unique or the differences from other. Do not try to tell people what you have, since the dating profile is a way for other people to know better of whom you are but not how successful or how rich you are.

#6 Be Honest

Honesty is very important for you when writing a dating profile. Tag it out if you are interested in casual dating instead of telling other people that you are looking for a long-term relationship. Lies will not lead you to a good relationship.

#7 Avoid Sex Talk

No matter how much you are interested in sex, please do not mention or talk it on your dating profile, even sex is an important part of any romantic relationship. You`re automatically sending away some good potential matches.

#8 Check Your Spelling and Grammar

The best of us can make some spelling or grammar mistakes, so are you! Use some tools to check your spelling and grammar, and a profile without grammar mistakes is less likely to be a scam.

#9 Keep it Short and Unique

As we talked in the tip 2, try to complete your profile, but ensure it is not an autobiography. Most of the online daters are very busy, they therefore have no time to read a long story. Try to shorten your dating profile to an accurate and unique one.

#10 Update Your Profile Regularly

Update your profile regularly to show you are an active member but not an user who has not come back again. There is no need to change whole the text, but improve it to a better one. Or tell other people something interesting or new in your life (i.e. Just traveled back from the Hawaii!)

More online resources for you to write a good dating profile:

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