Herpes Dating Sites vs. Regular Dating Sites


Differences Between Herpes Dating Sites and Regular Online Dating Websites

Everyone deserves true love in the life. However, people with herpes find it tough to search for a partner suffering from the similar condition. A herpes dating website offers opportunities for people to meet like-minded people with herpes just by creating a simple online profile. The profiles of users who do not suffer from this medical condition are ineligible and deleted automatically. The herpes dating websites differ from the regular online dating sites on the following grounds:

  1. Herpes dating websites maintain completely anonymous and genuine profiles. It has an IP tracking feature to identify the demographics of the members and users. Fake profiles are deleted with immediate effect to avoid frauds.
  2. The herpes dating sites includes tips on herpes treatment, support forums and several success stories of herpes dating.
  3. These websites build a platform for people suffering from herpes, who can interact with each other friendly without being judgmental and free from any kind of discrimination. Herpes singles having a thorough understanding about their priorities and needs gain the membership of herpes dating websites.
  4. It offers a common platform for individualas who are searching for love. Once you search your prospective partner, all groups meet in a central location and interact with each other to explore their personalities. Herpes register by providing certain basic details, partner preference and choice of central location.
  5. The websites follow a strict privacy protection policy, which keeps all the user details confidential and does not disclose any details to the other members.
  6. Herpes dating websites include the option of live chat with a minimal membership fee and is tailored for users who have the same condition – herpes.
  7. These websites serve as an excellent site for social networking and a community of online herpes daters.
  8. The herpes dating websites have easy features to navigate.
  9. Herpes dating websites are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of people suffering from herpes. It is a free, easy, safe and fun way to connect Herpes singles and help them find their true love.

Dating Tips for Herpes Singles

  1. Do not disclose your complete personal information on the herpes dating websites. This is a very important security measure.
  2. Your profile picture should reflect your true personality. You should put a pleasant picture, preferably a headshot or a photo from up-close. The size of the photograph should not be more than 5 megapixels. Avoid using a blurred or obscured photograph.
  3. Try to learn about each other’s interests, preferences and tastes by the means of emails. Do not get excited and ask for a date.
  4. Arrange an offline date after exchanging first set of emails only if you are convinced that you have found your prospective partner.
  5. Create a good first impression by donning the appropriate dress and exhibiting good manners. Avoid dressy looks and do not boast about your good qualities. You must select a central location to meet that is well connected by local transport and easily accessible.
  6. As a safety measure, share your first date details with a friend or your family members. Let them know about your actions and give continuous updates. Do not share excessive personal information on the first date itself.Gauge the date’s intentions first, before telling about yourself.
  7. In case of a suspicious activity, take help from the person who is around you. You must take a cab, call your friend informing about the incident and leave the place immediately.
  8. You need to maintain a strict privacy control of your online profile. Nowadays, hackers engage themselves in intruding into the online profiles of users and extracting the essential information. You must take appropriate safety measures for safe access of the herpes dating websites. You must not share your full name, address, location or contact number, as these details are sufficient for an identity theft.
  9. You must avoid making online monetary transactions tom your prospective date. In this way, your financial details will be shared with the person who can harass you in any form in the future.

In general, online sites are useful to know about the basic details of a person. However, the traditional methods of offline dating are useful as you meet your date in person and get to know him/her better.

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