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Profile Photo Tips for Herpes Dating

Profile Photo Tips for Herpes Dating

It is quite simple to post a profile picture on the herpes dating websites. You may upload your photograph directly from the computer by visiting your account in the homepage, also, it's available for you to update your profile photo by sending the photos via email to the customer service of the dating site, they will upload your profile photo within few days.

A photograph speaks volumes about an individual’s personality.

To create a good first impression on an online dating website, it is important to put a good photograph as your profile picture. Here are the top 15 tips to put a perfect profile.

#1 Right Formats

The uploaded photo should only be in the JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, or TIFF formats. Other photo formats are unacceptable by the herpes online dating website. Illustrations, caricatures, drawings, copyrighted or porn photos will be disqualified by the dating site.

#2 Right Size

The size of the profile photo on the online herpes dating website should not exceed 5 megapixels. You need to resize a normal picture; either clicked using a handy cam or a webcam, and upload a photo that is less than 5 megapixels.

#3 Recent Photographs

You should always use recent photographs, preferably within last 6 months. Ensure the photo is personal and take up-close, and take a perfect headshot or the photo should focus on your face, shoulders and head. An appropriate and attractive photo is one, which shows the frontal face.

#4 Present Yourself in the Natural Way

Your profile photo should give an impression about your daily life and the natural look. The photo should be taken without excessive make-up or in a fashionable dress. Just present yourself in the natural way.

#5 Smile

A smiling face attracts the attention of several members on the online herpes dating websites. You profile picture must always include a photo in which you are smiling.

#6 Ensure the Size is Small

When you resize the photo, remember to crop the white space present around your photograph. Otherwise, the size of the photo will increase, and other members will not be able to open a larger photo quickly.

#7 Avoid Obscured Photos

Obscured photos do not help create a good first impression on the viewer. You should not put a profile photo in which you are wearing sunglasses, accessories, distracting headgear, hat, or a loud scarf.

#8 Avoid Blurry or Dark Photos

Blurry or dark photos are disappointed for the viewer who is seeing your profile on the online herpes dating websites. Avoid putting blurred or dark photographs as your profile picture, since it does reflect your personality. Instead, it indicates that you are not bothered about how other people would interpret your profile photo.

#9 Avoid Technological Photos

Technological advances have enhanced the photography skills too. Use of laser photography or scientific red-eye effect on your profile picture does not help in creating a good first impression. Instead, it puts off the viewers and does not attract anybody’s attention.

#10 A Good Backdrop

A profile photo should have a good backdrop to accentuate it. Simple backdrops such as a white wall, or a plain and single colored curtain, that complements your skin tone, is an appropriate backdrop for your profile picture on the herpes online dating website.

#11 Avoid Big Patterns

A profile photo of an online herpes dating website is very small. Hence, you should not distract the online members by wearing big patterns in your profile photo.

It is truly said,

A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.

Therefore, along with the useful photo tips mentioned, some photographs should be avoided, as it can create a wrong impression about your personality.

1. Do not upload photos in haste.
2. Do not expose (showing skin) excessively, as these photos will be rejected by the herpes dating sites.
3. Do must not crop people in a group photo and put it as a profile picture. Instead, you should click a selfie or upload a picture of yourself.
4. Do not upload photos of you being hugged, cuddled or kissed by the opposite sex. The viewer does not approve of such photographs.

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